The Lure of Summer at Norfolk

Two weeks ago we visited one of the oldest town in the state, a town called Norfolk. It was established in 1758. Several old houses and buildings decorating this quite and beautiful New England town. Not to mention the lure of all the green things growing on every corner at Norfolk gave summer its real meaning. Between the Asters and the Bee Balms, the Roses and the Clematis, the hustling and bustling of every day life seemed world apart. I walked the town’s gravel road, and its green lawn. I breathed the air and absorbed its breathtaking view. In an old town like Norfolk, the reminiscence of the yesteryear of an elegant and fancy life some folks who used to live there still lingers on. So, good day to you, Norfolk! Such a pleasure place to be.

"Comes the lure of green things growing,
Comes the call of waters flowing-
And the wayfarer desire
Moves and wakes and would be going."

                         -Charles G.D. Roberts-

Road Signs at Norfolk, CT

Family Festival, Norfolk, Connecticut

Angel Statue

Folding Chairs with Petunias

Old Country House

Wooden train

Light Purple Lavender

Gardens of Norfolk

Bell Tower of Church of Christ Congregational of Norfolk circa 1813

White Aster Flowers

Flourish on Iron Gate

Pretty Garden Gate

Clematis on White Fences

Old White House & White Fences

Pink Mandevilla Vine

PInk Roses

Norfolk Library circa 1888, Connecticut

Church of Christ Congregational of Norfolk circa 1813

Gardens of Norfolk 2


6 thoughts on “The Lure of Summer at Norfolk

  1. Dian cakep sekali kota nya. Jauh dr tempat mu?

    • Kira2 45 menit perjalanan mobil, Re. Bukan cakep lagi, ideal banget kotanya. Tenang, teduh, asri, pemandangannya luar biasa karena ada bukit2nya dan hutan2 kecil.

  2. Beautiful photos! I love this area of the country and have yet to visit it. Your photos portray it well. I hope you enjoyed the visit.

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