Amongst the Sunflowers

I felt the happiest when I was amongst the sunflowers. As I walked about trying to find a way out of the maze of yellow, red and bi-color flowers, I couldn’t stop praising them. Such beautiful shape. Such wonderful flowers. On the hill where the sunflower field was, I found my Eden. Amongst hundreds of sunflowers, I let my spirit free. As if the rays of the sun can be in another form on earth, it would be in the form of sunflowers. And all I wanted was to absorb their beauty and engulf in an amazement in each one of them.
Bi-color Sunflower

Sunflower Field

Sunflower & Blue Sky

Pretty Sunflower

Unique Sunflower

Sunflower against the Sky

Sunflower Field

Two Sunflowers

Red Sunflower


9 thoughts on “Amongst the Sunflowers

  1. So beautiful! Great photos from different angle of the shot!

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