Boston Chinatown Rendezvous

I was very excited when our Mandarin class decided that Boston Chinatown would be our destination to end the program. Our class consisted of students and parents who wanted to learn Mandarin either for fun or some advancement. We met every Saturday from 10 am – 12 pm. It was really special for me and my daughters to do this kind of activity. Sadly though, the class had to be terminated due to the budget cut. Despite what happened, the memories we had were too sweet to be forgotten.

We departed at 8 am and arrived around 11 am by a coach bus in Boston. The farmer’s market was just starting with so many choices of fresh vegetables and fruits near the Faneuil Hall when we arrived. The Chinatown was still quiet. Some bakeries already opened, lining up their choice-of-the-day baked goods. Some souvenir vendors and tourists alike did their business by now. We were given chance to walk around for sightseeing and some shopping. My daughters and I visited one of the many bakeries and bought some goodies. By noon, we met again and gathered in a dim sum and seafood restaurant to have lunch. After that, our group went to Salem visiting Salem Peabody Museum.

Chinatown Boston

Chinatown Boston

Chinatown restaurant

Chinatown door

Chinese antique armoire

Chinatown bakery

Chinatown vegetables vendor

Chinatown Boston

Chinatown restaurant

Chinatown movies

Chinatown phonebooth

Chinatown buildings

Chinese foods

Chinatown mural

Chinatown street sign

Chinatown map

Chinatown gate

Chinatown building

Chinatown gate


2 thoughts on “Boston Chinatown Rendezvous

  1. Selalu suka mengikuti foto jalan-jalannya mba Dian. Serasa beneran ada di sana 🙂 Jalan-jalan lagi ya ..biar bisa nebeng cuci mata 😀

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