Looney for Lupines

The first time I know about Lupines was when I read a story called Miss Rumphius, a fictional story by Barbara Cooney, long ago when my kids were little. The book really touched me because of its story about a woman named Alice Rumphius, who traveled the world but to find out that by spreading the Lupines seeds, she actually spreading kindness and beauty. After that I dream of one day could encounter the real Lupines. Believe it or not, the Lupines I’ve seen were through a postcard or pictures on the internet. Lo and behold, during my morning walk in the late Spring (and yes I always bring my camera along), I saw some in a neighbor’s yard. As soon as I saw the flowers, I remember Miss Rumphius. She has made me yearned for Lupines all this time.





2 thoughts on “Looney for Lupines

  1. Mirip ama Snap-Dragon ya?

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