Just Like Monet’s Painting

Sometimes beauty is hidden in deep dark jungle. Sometimes it can be found on the highest mountain. Sometimes it lays under the sea far from the reach of anybody. Sometimes you don’t have to look for any kind of beauty, because it is somewhere all along waiting for someone to stumble upon it. That’s what happened when my family and I were driving along on our way to Portsmouth, New Hampshire. From our car I saw white objects floating on water. Then, I shrieked, “Oh, they’re waterlilies!” We stopped nearby and I took some shots of the big pond full of waterlilies. Almost all of the waterlilies were white, but one. The only pink waterlily marveled us the same way the white ones did. Amongst the waterlilies, some ducks moving elegantly. The nameless waterlily pond that was in the middle of the road reminded me of Monet’s painting so much. It made a rather boring journey became a memorable one.


5 thoughts on “Just Like Monet’s Painting

  1. Cantiknya! Sampai menahan napas…

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