A Year After Irene

As the Hurricane Isaac passes the southern part of the country, we’re here in the eastern part were reminded of Hurricane Irene a year ago. My family and I were on a vacation in Maine and had to cut it short, afraid of what would happen. Thankfully, the hurricane quieted down when it hit our state. It became a tropical storm instead of hurricane, but the devastation was still similar. Since we live close to the beach, we were anxious most. Some people boarded up their windows. Some made an arrangement when the flood eventually came. We were bracing for anything that could possibly happen when Irene came down and very fortunate that we’re fine.

Several of our neighbors got hit with the worst, from trees falling down their house or apartment building to flood in some basements. A lot of people lost their electricity and the northern area across our city got hit with worst all around. The devastation still lingers although a year has come. The ruined buildings and the dilapidated houses were bulldozed away. The used-to-be places where tourists flocked the beach are still healing. An hour after Irene went away, I took a stroll with my daughter to see what has happened in our neighborhood. We went all the way to the beach where the water was still raging hard. While on the beach, suddenly the wind blew again stronger, sending water and sands towards the land, where a lot of people were. They hit us like so many needles pricking our skin. Amidst what happened, some things amazed us in a way. There were still some beauties left on the road among the fallen-down-trees and the debris-scattered-streets, some flowers and the birds that sung.

A religious statue that apparently praying before the taped-up windows.

Laundromat with boarded windows.

A snapped electricity pole.

Taped-up windows and doors of a pizzeria.

Dahlias that bloomed on amidst the storm.

The sparrows huddled together on the roof of a house.

The raging water.

The stranded buoy at the beach.

The wind blew stronger.

A tree fell down on an apartment building.

A tree got uprooted and came down on a house.

Saved from the storm.


2 thoughts on “A Year After Irene

  1. You are good on taking dramatic pictures!

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