Oh, My Gladiolus!

Last winter I bought a bag of six Gladiolus bulbs. From the label that accompanied the bag said “mixed”. But I wouldn’t know what kind of Gladiolus I got until they’re all planted and bloomed. There’s also some suggestions to plant the Gladiolus in the Spring, whether it’s early or later. But the weather in Spring was unpredictable and it made me to prefer to stay indoor rather than did some gardening. Eventually, one day in the end of July I spent a whole day preparing a part of our backyard to plant the six gladiolus bulbs, some sunflower seeds and mixed of flower seeds. I was surprised when less than two weeks, the bulbs were sprouting new plants. They grow pretty fast and to my amazement, the sunflowers are also growing side by side. Then came the day when one speck or red peeking out of some buds . Oh, what joy to be hold! Since I didn’t know what colors the gladiolus are, to see the three plants bloomed vibrant red flowers made me feel ecstatic and surprised. Apparently there’s another surprise, the other Gladiolus plant bore some yellow flowers and now I’m waiting for the last two plants to bloom too.  Oh, my Gladiolus!


One thought on “Oh, My Gladiolus!

  1. […] year I planted some gladiolus and I was glad that all four bulbs that I planted bloomed with red and yellow flowers. I always […]

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