The Life of A Sunflower

From a seed that I planted this summer, grows a lean and two-feet tall plant. Its leaves grow side by side almost in a pair. A bud came out sprouting between two leaves after a while and under the sun it thrives beautifully. One day it opened up its petal one by one showing off its yellow crown. Now it’s ready to welcome any suitor, will it be a bee or a fly.



6 thoughts on “The Life of A Sunflower

  1. Reblogged this on benkikech's Blog and commented:
    How marvellous is nature?

  2. […] which seeds were given by a friend. I was amazed it grew beautifully. Then I tried planting some sunflower seeds. Two years ago I got the biggest sunflowers, that were bigger that my two palms combined and […]

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