Spoiled in the Hue of Blue

I found out that in our backyard, we have some Commelina communis or Asiatic Dayflower. Those petite light-blue and almost purple-blue flowers have been a mystery to me. They gather in the corner of the backyard and by the time summer’s almost over, they show up with hundreds of flowers. It feels as if we have our own flower meadow.

This plant has been used by Chinese people for medication as anti-inflammatory, to treat sore throat and tonsilitis. Also, long ago in Japan, the plants were used as dye for woodcut and paper manufacturing, called Aigami or Boshigami. Asiatic Dayflowers are also good for copper mine spoil revegetation.

“Nature will out, and let herself be seen.”

(Boileau, Satires, XL, 43)


2 thoughts on “Spoiled in the Hue of Blue

  1. It looks like fairy to me!

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