My Latest Sketches at Ensemble Class

For the past two Saturdays, I spent my 45-minutes waiting for my son doing his ensemble practice with sketching. Together with other parents, we would sit quietly at the back, listening and watching our children’s moves. While other mom read, had small talk or caught up with her work on her laptop, I carried on with my sketching.

The first week, I was watching a boy named Sam whose back was before me. I thought, he would be perfect for my object. I rarely sketch a person, because I always found it hard to draw the correct body anatomy. But I tried anyway and was pretty much satisfied with how Sam ended up in my sketch book.

Then last week, I was watching my son’s other ensemble mate, a girl named Charlotte and wanted to draw her too. At first I was thinking of how beautiful her long hair was and I started with that in mind when I began my sketch. After a while, my drawing of Charlotte finished and I’m glad to say that it really caught her spirit playing violin during ensemble class.
My latest sketch

My latest sketch


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