At PEPSICO Sculpture Gardens

An acquaintance of mine told me one day about a garden that she and her son visited a while ago. She knows that I love gardens and love taking photographs of them. The garden, she said, is a sculpture garden and you won’t believe that it’s actually at the headquarter of the world’s leading soft drinks company, PEPSICO. I was interested of course, right away. Then, two weeks ago we decided to go to the town of Purchase in New York where this sculpture garden is located.

A security guard welcomed us and handed out a piece of paper with the rules and map of the area when we got there. There’s no fee whatsoever and the garden is open to public.We walked from the parking area through a small woods where we saw some trees have their names written on a piece of board. After that, we reached the clearing, where the grass was green and there’s also a lake. A group of wedding party was having their beautiful moments captured near it.

In the green lawn at the back of PEPSICO office, several huge sculptures decorating it. Some of them standing tall elegantly and full of grandeur charming every visitor. One of them was Eve, a sculpture by Auguste Rodin. They were plenty of Koi fish in the lake and when the kids approached it, they gathered before them like a welcoming committee. But most of all, my favorite was the Lily Ponds where different types of waterlilies bloomed beautifully.

Grande Disco by Arnaldo Pomodoro

Mozart I by Kenneth Snelson

Eve by Auguste Rodin

Kiosque l'evide by Jean Dubuffet

Three People on For Benches by George Segal

Girl with a Dolphin by David Wynne

Path and the Trees

Koi Fish

Waterlily Pond

Trees across the Lake

Energy Void by Isamu Noguchi

Giant Trowel II by Claes Oldenburg

Totems by Robert Davidson

Personnage by Joan Miro

Grass Garden

Cherry Trees near Lily Pond


Triad by Arnaldo Pomodoro & Meridian by Barbara Hepworth

White Roses

Purple Daisies


2 thoughts on “At PEPSICO Sculpture Gardens

  1. Fantastic place!!! 🙂 My -our- kind of place 🙂

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