Being Grateful

I was one of the victims of a road accident last Tuesday. While I was riding a city bus, a tree removal truck had struck us. There was some shock, of course, some damages and a lot of reasons to be grateful. All the fifteen passengers and the driver, who got hit the most, were fine. Well, physically fine, but to me, I still had bad memory of it. Maybe because I saw what happened directly and live, like in slow motion when the truck came near and nearer, crashed and then quiet. I was shook up for a while, realizing that the accident might be worst when I thought of “if only”. But I was grateful. I am thankful, nothing serious came upon me or any other passenger (though three people were taken to a hospital). The accident was a reminder for me to cherish each day to the fullest, and not to be bothered with nonsense stuffs.



2 thoughts on “Being Grateful

  1. This is an awesome photo, but I’m sorry about the accident. So glad everyone is okay!

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