After Sandy’s Gone

By Monday afternoon, the moment that we’ve been waiting for happened. Hurricane Sandy that became the topic of everybody’s conversation and reading materials, wreaked havoc in our part of the world. The wind blew so scary that all we could think of was that it’s like a scene from a horror movie. With every blow the wind shook our home too. The windows rattled and jiggled. We didn’t get a lot of rain, but the sea rose into several feet that our neighbors who live near the beach had to evacuate 24 hours before Sandy came. We were worried of what might have happened, since everything seemed unpredictable. This morning I went out to see our neighborhood, because I wanted to know the outcome  after Sandy. A big tree in front of our neighbor’s house was uprooted and dangling dangerously unto the wires. In almost every street that I passed, there’s at least one tree that fell, uprooted or severed. The sea was still looked enraged by the look of its strong waves. But the thing that stunned me most was the huge tree  in the town Green that was uprooted. It becomes a reminder of how frail nature really is, when even the strongest tree was nothing but a stick versus the wind.


2 thoughts on “After Sandy’s Gone

  1. Wow! How’s it going? Hope you’re still safe!

    • My family & I are okay, Amy. The parts that got the worst are the ones on the shorelines. Some people still has no electricity. The schools are still closed. In all, we’re still trying to manage the regular activities. Thanks for your concern.

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