Fall Has Crocus Too

We live near a church and the rectory that has a wonderful garden. There’s a giant Magnolia tree on its front yard, while during spring, summer and fall, the flowers that bloom in there ranging from Snowdrops, Hydrangea, Shasta Daisy,Hyacinth, Roses etc. It is truly a sight to be hold. A couple of weeks ago I spotted some purple flowers bloomed between Shasta Daisies. I realized they were some Fall Crocuses. It was the first time I saw them up close, though I’ve heard of their poisonous effect for  sometimes.

It is autumn; not without
But within me is the cold.
Youth and spring are all about;
It is I that have grown old.
Birds are darting through the air,
Singing, building without rest;
Life is stirring everywhere,
Save within my lonely breast.
There is silence: the dead leaves
Fall and rustle and are still;
Beats no flail upon the sheaves,
Comes no murmur from the mill.

– AUTUMN WITHIN by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow –


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