Souvenirs from The Turkey Day

I hope all of you are doing well and had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration. Sorry for not keeping this blog up to date, as much as I want to. Since I’m still in the mood of Thanksgiving, I’d like to share some pictures I took during our visit to New York City to see Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. This year marked the 4th year my family and I celebrated Thanksgiving in NYC to see the parade. As expected, we woke up really early around 3 AM and took the train to New York. The kids were in a really good mood, so there’s no fuss from them. We arrived in Grand Central Station and walked to 39th Street and 6th Avenue, close to Herald Square where the parade would be concluded. The weather was fine and the crowd around us were cool. We did a-crowd-wave to kill time waiting for the parade and tried to entertain ourselves as much as we could. After about 2 hours or so waiting for the parade to get by us, it started with the jubilation from some clowns and the rumbling of police motorcades. Then, the parade went on and on, though sadly a tragedy struck when a clown collapsed due to heart attack. In all, we were really grateful to be able to celebrate Thanksgiving as a family and had a really wonderful time together.


6 thoughts on “Souvenirs from The Turkey Day

  1. Lovely photos! Needless to say that most of these people probably developed a case of pneumonia..brrr

    • Thanks for your compliment, but I do hope everybody’s okay. The temperature was a bit colder after a while though. But because we’re in a tight crowd, we got some warmth from and for each other.

      • I hope so too! I just feel sorry for people parading in those (and lack of) uniforms!

      • We were concern too. But look at it this way, perhaps because they were walking for a couple of miles, they would sweat and feel warm from burning up some calories.

  2. Thanks for posting these. I didn’t see the parade šŸ™‚

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