Say It With Flowers: Wild Aster

During Fall, we’ve had some wild flowers blooming freely near our garage. I found out that they were wild Asters. They’re miniscule with color of light purple and pink in the center. Then, I wondered if I could use these flowers to decorate our dining table. So I collected them and put in a Mason jar. The result was a simple yet stunning country-style centerpiece. The scent from the wild Asters that was sweet and subtle, flourished in the dining room entertaining everyone.


As I wander’d the forest,
The green leaves among
I heard a wild flower
Singing a song.
I slept in the Earth
In the silent night,
I murmur’d my fears
And I felt delight.
In the morning I went
As rosy as morn,
To seek for new joy;
But O! Met with scorn.

William Blake


Wild Aster

Wild Aster in Mason Jar

Wild Aster in Mason Jar


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