Turning Take-Out Bag Into Pretty Gift Bag

I just love reusing things that can still be reuse. For this reason, I used the piles of take-out bags and turned them into pretty gift bags. I believe some of us keep the bags from ordering food as take-out or bringing food home in a doggie bags from a restaurant. So, why not reuse them for something like gift bags, that in this holiday season will be so useful to send out some gifts. Turning the take-out bag into a gift bag is so easy, you can even ask your children to help you with it and even personalize it with their own flair.

These are some of the materials needed to create the gift bags:

  • Take-out bags
  • Hole reinforcements
  • Ribbon/strong yarn/ twine/ string
  • Glue
  • Old cardboard, for the base
  • Things to decorate (doily, baker’s twine, old button, etc.)
  • Needle, to sew or use to prick the bag
  • Hole punch
  • Your creativity



Fold the take-out bag into 2.

Open the bag, and fold the half-part of it inward, adhere with glue.

Punch 4 holes on the wide sides of the bag.

Adhere the hole reinforcements on the inside part of the holes.

Tie 2 ribbons/yarns/strings/twines and make very strong knots.

Cut-out the old cardboard into certain size for the base, and put it on the bottom of the bag.

Decorate the bags by:

– Adhering some doilies, and old buttons, then prick the bag making snowflake patterns.
– Adhering cut-out old book pages unto the side of the bag, and sew baker’s twine to make star pattern.
– Put something fun and cute like a bell dangling from the bag holder.

Have fun crafting!

Gift bag from take out bag

Gift bag from take out bag

Gift bag from take out bag

Gift bag from take out bag

Gift bag from take out bag

5 thoughts on “Turning Take-Out Bag Into Pretty Gift Bag

  1. Ada ide gak Di kantongan recycle apa yg bisa dipake selain take-out bags ini? Masalahnya disini take-out kagak pake kantong beginian 😦

  2. Best of waste…good job

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