Have Your Self A Merry Little Togetherness

Everytime I hear the song “Have Your Self A Merry Little Christmas”, my heart breaks. Though our family don’t celebrate Christmas, I know how it feels to be surrounded by our large family in festivity and joy. I was reminded of going back to my parents’ hometown, that took us a day and a night to get there by train. I was also reminded by everyone shaking hands and hugging relatives and friends after Eid prayer. I remember the foods that were always in abundance and almost overflowing. Neighbor sending foods to other neighbor. Children in their best behavior, hoping for presents or some monetary advantage. As I listened to the song from the radio in our car, tears would slowly filled my eyes. Christmas here is like Eid celebration in Indonesia, that warm feeling in your heart aglow through out your body and soul. I miss that moment so much since we live far away from our extended family and good friends. I can only imagine how someone would feel, if she or he is away from home for the holiday. So, here’s my wish to you,

“May you have a merry little togetherness with your family and friends. May you are surrounded with love and peaceful heart. May you have a merry little Christmas.”




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