Nasty Charlotte, A Photography Jounal

By Friday afternoon, I got worried. The snow that fell becoming increasingly hard. The blizzard of 2013 just began. Charlotte was its name, the blizzard of one of a kind. The wind swept and blew in a menacing speed. It banged and rattled the windows, and I couldn’t sleep. I accompanied my son who had high fever and laid beside him, while I kept checking in outside. The destruction that Hurricane Sandy caused are still looming in our state and neighborhood, and now another storm made quite a stir. On Saturday morning, the scene around our home was extraordinary. Our car and our neighbors’ were engulfed in the snow. Everywhere is snow, snow and more snow. About 30-something inches of snow, covered our neighborhood and we’re stuck. Too much snow to dig, so that our car could even be seen again. Too much snow for me and my daughter, who shoveled the front entrance to our home. Just too much. But amidst the snow, some pictures are without a doubt memorable and awesome.

Our front yard was covered with snow.

Snow All the Way

Two Feet of Snow

A man resting on his shovel after too much shoveling.

Resting After Shoveling Job

Cars beneath the snow.

Car Beneath the Snow

Cars Engulfed by Snow

Clear blue sky after the storm.

Blue Sky After the Storm

Keep on shoveling!

Keep Shoveling (2)

Keep Shoveling!


4 thoughts on “Nasty Charlotte, A Photography Jounal

  1. Oh my! This is amazing! Are ya’ll okay?

    • We’re okay, Amy. Thanks for your concern. The kids are still off from their school for almost 4 days now because of the roads that are still covered with snow, and now big puddles and ice.

  2. Oh my lawrd.. that is some snowstorm/blizzard! I thought it was called Nemo though? Must be another one in another area. :). Your pictures are better than any words! Stunning. Hope you’re all ok now.

    • Thanks for your concern. That goodness we’re fine. It was called Nemo in New York because it was regular snow storm there, but turned into blizzard in our state.

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