Crazy Squirrel of New York

New York City is one of a kind. Some says, only in New York you get to find any kind of people with different appearances or attitudes. I did, every time I visited the Big Apple, and apparently, not only the people of New York who are unique, even its animal is somehow odd. This upside-down squirrel was spotted at Washington Square, munching an acorn while people gathered. Just when I thought perhaps this one squirrel was the only one around, it turned out, another squirrel hanged about the first one and did the same thing, munching an acorn while doing an acrobat. Because the squirrels that are running around our backyard never do this kind of behavior, I think maybe it only happened in New York City.

Crazy Squirel of NYC

Crazy Squirel of NYC

Upside Down Squirels


6 thoughts on “Crazy Squirrel of New York

  1. Yihaa! Squirrel is the best gymnastic athlete 😀

  2. hahahahaha 🙂 Animals are just the most bizarre things!! Love the blog. Now following!


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