A Colorful Daisy Mandala

I admit, I like impressing others through my art works. Although, not every time I would create something for someone, one admiration is more than enough when it’s coming from a very special person. The special person that will receive the handmade mandala that I made yesterday, is my children’s senior music teacher.  Grace was my oldest daughter’s ensemble teacher then, now is my son’s. We’ve been involved with many musical activities with her through the years. She plays violin, viola da gamba, recorder and also is a very excellent drawing artist. One day Grace approached me and said,”I heard from Sarah (my son’s recorder teacher) about your greeting card”. After that, I enjoyed making cards for her for Christmas or her birthday. She collects some of my sketches that I drew during her rehearsal with the ensemble class. I feel very related to her in a way artist sees other artist. For her upcoming birthday this weekend, there’ll be a musical party in the theme of Baroque Play-In, like last year. Young and old will involve and play together on Saturday, and we’ll have lots of fun.

At first, I was thinking of giving Grace another birthday card, but then I changed my mind. Because whenever I was in her studio, my mind became enticed by the many drawings, and interesting things that she put to decorate her studio. So I thought, perhaps she’d be happy to accept a handmade gift from me in a shape of mandala. I chose to create a mandala, because of the intricate design it has and the representation. Mandala basically means circle in Sanskrit. It’s the way we see universe as a whole out of the many shapes and patterns, also colors. Last night I started my project of making the mandala and before midnight, it was finished. I am ecstatic with the outcome and love all the details. I used several types of cardstock papers in different colors. To highlight and put some colors unto the mandala, I used gold-ink pen and ink stamp. This colorful daisy mandala will be kept in a shadow box and be ready for Grace’s birthday present.

To know more about MANDALA, visit this link.


Colorful Mandala (2)

Colorful Mandala (4)

Colorful Mandala (3)

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