Not to Be Forgotten

In 2006, a friend told me about blogging. She thought I might be interested, because I love telling stories and writing. She said to go ahead and try the experience and showed me a blog community called MULTIPLY. At first, I wasn’t felt encouraged and a little bit suspicious. It’s a brand new thing for me, to write something that any people can read wherever they are in the world. It was scary! But I gave my self a push to write some simple things, and being a mother, I had so many things that I could share. My first post was about the experience that my kids had when they visited the children’s museum in New Haven. For the first time, my writing was accompanied by pictures that I took. Then, I wrote another story, about the free summer concert, where we saw the performance from Earth, Wind & Fire. After more journals and photo galleries, I became very accustomed with blogging. People started to pay attention, left lots of comments and we developed friendship, even though we never really saw each other in reality.

Blogging helped me getting trough my anxiety attack that suddenly took me under its control and made my world frightening. I couldn’t think clearly and felt weak. In certain times I would gasp for air, had trouble breathing and almost collapsed several times. I wrote my experience and shared it with people from my inner network. They gave me strength and courage and eventually I got better. We established strong communication and relationship, especially because  we blogged in our native language. It’s like going back home again and again when my friends and I exchanged jokes and anecdotes. Through blogging, I also developed an interest in photography. My first digital camera was Canon PowerShot A430, and it was my tool to tell my story through pictures. I enjoyed taking pictures so much that I wanted to belong with a photography community, and from the moment I posted my first photography journal, I was glad people loved it.

But then an upsetting news announced near the end of last year, that Multiply, the blogging community that I called a second home, my sanctuary, would be diminished. Of course, we were stunned, angry, and sad. I felt like being evicted from this beautiful place that I came to love. We were given some times to safe the blog files and download everything that we’ve ever posted. I had two blogs on this blogging community (one for everyday things, the other for my artworks and crafts), more than a thousand journal posts and photo galleries about my views, interests, feelings and basically about my life. In the announcement, the blog management told us they would extinguish our blogs by December. I was waiting, not able to erase my blogs completely, and it was upsetting. Then two days ago, a friend mentioned that the blogs that she and I used to use as a place to have a chat and story exchange, is NO MORE. Yes, I did safe my posts and photos into files in my computer, but it’s not the same. To remember the sweet memories that I’ve ever shared on my blog ( – my blog of everyday stories, I’d like to show you some of the pictures I took with my pocket camera, when I was just learning photography. I hope you will cherish them as I much as I do. (All pictures were taken in 2007 and 2008).



Side by Side

Shine for Me!


Under the bridge

The Three of Us


4 thoughts on “Not to Be Forgotten

  1. Thank you for sharing this, Di! it’s funny how sharing ourselves helps us to explore more of who we are, I think. These photos are beautiful!!

    • I think so too, Amy. By opening up our self to let other people know about us, we become aware of who we are. Sort of a way to introspect. I’m happy to know you through blog.

  2. aku inget semuwa niy poto2nya yg pernah diposting mb Di ..
    senang bisa kenal mb Di di MP, dan semoga terus berlanjut pertemanan ini meskipun pindah media ya mbak …*peluk*

    • Aku juga senang bisa kenal kamu & teman2 lainnya, Shanti. Senang bisa membuktikan ternyata dunia itu tidak seluas yg kita duga, buktinya berteman online tanpa bertatap muka pun ternyata bisa kita jalani. Unik jadinya ya pertemanan kita, bikin istimewa.

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