My Favorite Store

I love vintage and antique stuffs. However, I’m not the one who especially travel far to search for certain items. But when I went somewhere and on my journey I happened to see an antique or special store for vintage and antiques, I would visit, though not necessarily to every store I saw. I’ve been to several vintage and antique stores in our state, Connecticut, also some in New England. But one store located in the heart of the city of New Haven, took my breath away every time I visited here. The store called English Building Market owned by Carol Orr, whom I  know during a lovely meeting through friend. She has flair of an exquisite atmosphere through out her store. A lot of choices of vintage and antique goods, from B/W photographs to pots and pans, from fabrics and lace to furniture. The collections in this store are always adding and the decorations are always changing. I’m not advertising here, just want to share things that interest me, because some vintage and antique stores sometime look more like piles of clutter for sale. Whenever I came to English Building Market at the lower level of one of the old buildings in New Haven that was built-in 1800’s, my mind was filled with ideas. I would come home burst with notions to create something. If I felt like stuck in my hectic days, I would just go there and stay for a while, examining and admiring the many things that to me always have special values.

Antique Wooden Mannequin

English Building Market 4

Antique Hat Pins

Yarns & Spools

Vintage Fabrics

Antique Bird Cage

English Building Market 3

English Building Market

Vintage Cups & Saucers

Vintage Sewing Notions

English Building Market 2

8 thoughts on “My Favorite Store

  1. Mereka bisa banget ya, display barang dengan menarik!

  2. suka bgt sama cangkir biru + kain bunga2nyaa..

  3. Benar2 menarik…walau barangnya kuno tp ƍäªk debuan…..

    • Kalau barang2 kuno dibuat menarik, pastinya lebih besar kesempatannya untuk laku kan, Na? Belum lagi jadinya menarik perhatian pelanggan.

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