Fall in Love With Cherry Blossoms

The thing that attracted me the first time about Spring was the cherry blossoms. I only knew it from a song that was once famous in the country where I came from, called Sakura. That’s the name the cherry blossom called in Japan, that gave the gift of this plant to United States in 1912, as a friendship symbol. Of all the talk about Sakura and all the images I saw were from postcards, calendars or magazine articles, until I saw the cherry blossoms myself and amazed by how fragile they look and the beauty they emit. I used to wonder how they smell, and found out that for such pretty flowers, cherry blossoms are amazingly plain.

I didn’t know exactly when was the first time I saw the cherry blossoms in real life, but I remember the first time I used my camera to capture them . It was in Spring 2007, when I was so excited to have my first digital camera and I knew there were two cherry blossom trees near our apartment, that I started to really pay attention. The trees were next to a medical practice where during weekdays I would pass it, when I took my son to his preschool. The branches were so low then, that I could shot the flower in close-up.

By now, I’ve seen many types of the blossom trees.Β  But I think so far, the Weeping Cherry is the most exotic, with its long slender branches that look as if it’s the long hair of a beautiful lady. The cherry blossom trees that I mentioned before are taller now. In the next two or three weeks maybe, we may see the cherry blossom trees blooming, adding theΒ  splendor to the Spring. I promise my best friend to send her a real cherry blossom flower. My token of friendship to her. She wants to know how it feels to touch the flower that she can only see through the pictures I’ve shared with her, the way I used to wonder myself.

(All pictures were taken in Spring 2007 with my loyal pocket camera.)

Pink Sakura


One Sakura

Cherry Blossoms (3)

Sakura - Close Up

Cherry Blossoms


8 thoughts on “Fall in Love With Cherry Blossoms

  1. Aku seneng banget sama cherry πŸ™‚ apalagi buahnya yang baru dipetik hehe
    Pertama kali aku liat pohon cherry berbunga, aku kira itu pohon sakura lho, Lama-kelamaan aku mikir, di Jerman mungkin pohon Sakura bisa tumbuh juga kan sama 4 musim. Gak taunya, itu pohon Cherry hehe…
    Cool pics, love it πŸ™‚

  2. mirip sama bunga apel juga ya… πŸ˜€

  3. I just came back from Washington D.C. and I fell in LOVE with the cherry blossoms there! πŸ™‚
    Great pics πŸ™‚


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