Notes for A Daughter

A birthday is always a special occasion to me, especially if it’s my children’s. When my daughter’s birthday was approaching, I felt very nostalgic inside. All the milestones that she’s been through, played in my mind from an invisible projector. One by one was shown from the time I was in labor with her for 26 hours, to the first time I held her. From the moment I held her hand and she made her first steps, to the recent time just two weeks ago, when I told her she got accepted into her favorite high school. She screamed overcoming with joy, then cried and embraced me. Her head on my left shoulder, just like when she was a baby, that was her favorite place to be. My daughter is taller than me now, and she really can hold her head high, full of confidence wherever she is. Although at some points she would behave like any teenage girl, nagging me like crazy with the words “Can I?”, I love her anyway.

For my daughter’s 14th birthday, I made her a card. Not that it’s extraordinary, though each year that I made her a birthday card, is always something different. Sometimes she had a special request, a certain type of card with one of kind appearance. This time, I wanted to give her some notes of what I feel about her that I want her to know. I created a gathering of notes added with most of her favorite things, that when she opens each page she will find some wisdom and my wishes for her. I knew she would love and cherish it. Here it is, NOTES FOR A DAUGHTER…

Birthday album (front)

Birthday album (p.1)

Birthday album (p. 2)

Birthday album (p.3)

Birthday album (p.4)

Birthday album (p.5)

Spring theme birthday card (4)


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