A Trip to Brooklyn Bridge

One of New York City landmark that I’ve been meaning to visit is the Brooklyn Bridge, one of the oldest suspension bridge in United States, that connects Manhattan and Brooklyn. It stretches regally across East River as a silent witness to the history that surrounds New York City. We went there during Easter weekend on Saturday. I was hoping that the sun would be up and the weather would be nice. I couldn’t wish for anything better, the weather was gorgeous! The sky was so clear, with clumps of clouds and abundant sunshine. It was also warm enough to put on our spring jacket. We arrived by subway at the City Hall and Brooklyn Bridge station, and walked towards the bridge with hundreds of people who wanted to go there too. The wind was minimal and after walking for sometimes, I could feel some sweat’s trickling on my back. Though my kids were grumbling and refused to go to the furthest part of the bridge, I thought they had fun anyway. We walked as far as the 2/3 part of the bridge. My younger daughter even dared her self to climb up the bridge and I followed her. I felt uneasy and thought I might fall because of the tremors from the passing vehicles, but I managed to take some shots while standing on the bridge ledge. We could see two other famous landmarks of New York, the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. That’s how clear the view was, up on the bridge that day. Although this time we didn’t go as far as Brooklyn, I’ve got what I wanted, to visit the Brooklyn Bridge. Maybe next time we’ll try again and reaching Brooklyn.


The Brooklyn Bridge built in 1875

Brooklyn Bridge & Manhattan

Brooklyn Bridge & Manhattan Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge plague

New York skylines shot from Brooklyn Bridge

Downtown Manhattan shot from Brooklyn Bridge

Empire State Building shot from Brooklyn Bridge

Statue of Liberty shot from Brooklyn Bridge

Brookly Bridge, NYC

A Girl at the Brooklyn Bridge

Brookly Bridge, NYC


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