Hanging Scrapbook Box With Vintage Look

In the spirit of the Earth Day, I created a hanging scrapbook box with recycle materials. The idea has been on my mind for a long time, but just recently that I created it waiting for the perfect moment. Our younger daughter’s birthday is approaching and I wanted to make her something special, not just a regular birthday card. I used the photo of her that I took last year on her birthday. She’s into Harry Potter story, so she put on the get-up pretending to be one of the accepted student of Hogwarts. I used a used-snack box for the main material and several pages from an old book. The base to place the photo is from a piece of cardboard. I also used some vintage buttons for decoration and a bird feather (that I found during my morning walk). I chose a vintage-look style to match the idea of the magic world of Harry Potter, with my daughter’s favorite colors in mind too.


  • Used snack box (make sure it’s clean-no oily or sticky spot);
  • Pages from an old book;
  • A piece of cardboard;
  • Some scrap papers;
  • Vintage/old buttons;
  • Hole paper punch;
  • Ribbon or string;
  • Some ink stamps;
  • Photograph;
  • Other decorations (bird feather, paper flowers, piece of doily).

How to Make Hanging Scrapbook Box


  1. Prepare the snack box, cut off the small flaps at the opening.
  2. Adhere the old pages unto the box, layer by layer covering up the whole box (not the top part.
  3. Make two holes on the sides of the box, and insert the ribbon/string into the holes and make some knots.
  4. Crumple some old pages and stuff them into the box. Close the box and glue it. Cover the top part of the box with the old page.
  5. Color the covered-box with green ink stamp, dabbing it like so to create a vintage look.
  6. Prepare the used-cardboard piece by stripping one part of it. Color it with vintage photo ink stamp. Adhere the photo unto the cardboard piece.
  7. Decorate the box with vintage buttons, a bird feather, some paper flowers and the sentiment.
  8. Cut some paper scraps into 4 parts and cover all the box corners with them.
  9. Hang the scrapbook box in your favorite area of the wall. Make sure not to hang it near a damp area.

Hanging Scrapbook Box

Hanging Scrapbook Box

Hanging Scrapbook Box

Hanging Scrapbook Box


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