The Prima Donna of The Backyard

I’ve been wanting to do some gardening for so long. But having living in an apartment building for many years had its limitation. I could only grow plants in the pots, and some would die because eventually you had to move it to the ground. Then when we moved to a house with spacious front and backyard, I couldn’t be more happier. At first I planted some Morning Glory which seeds were given by a friend. I was amazed it grew beautifully. Then I tried planting some sunflower seeds. Two years ago I got the biggest sunflowers, that were bigger that my two palms combined and even my head. For three years now, I’ve been planting several types of plants, although I’m not sure whether I ‘m really serious about gardening. But I love digging the ground with my bare hands, pulling-out weeds and grass and enjoying the dripping-sweat after a couple of hours gardening.

Last year I planted some gladiolus and I was glad that all four bulbs that I planted bloomed with red and yellow flowers. I always wanted to plant different plants, just to see how it will turn out. So far, I still have no luck with the lavender. Some seedlings grew but then they just died. Last December, I planted some tulip, daffodil and crocus bulbs just for the fun of it and my own curiosity, whether I can grow these plants. The crocus didn’t come out at all, but the tulips and the daffodils are growing splendidly. Three tulips bulbs are emerging and I can’t wait to see them blooming. Two days ago, one daffodil flower perked up and showed off its bi-color crown. It becomes a prima donna, sort of, to be the only attraction in the backyard. Well, until those three-dark purple tulips bloom anyway. Meanwhile, I enjoy every aspect of this lone daffodil in our backyard and embrace its beauty.
Bicolor  Daffodil


Bicolor Daffodil


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