Crazy in New York City

I think only New York City can boast its self with some unique tourist attractions. By attractions, I really mean it in a strong manner. Last Saturday, we walked around Times Square and saw a half-naked lady who claimed to be “the Naked Cowgirl”, parading with her guitar, showing off her big smile and also more of her to the amusements of some people. Not far from her, the original man who started the attractions, “the Naked Cowboy”, entertained some tourists who flocked around him, giggling and smiling. While close to the vicinity, several people wearing costumes of Sesame Street characters or superheroes, trying to get as many tourists who were willing to pay to pose with them. In a city as unique as New York, some people find them selves work in a unique way to earn something for living, even if it means selling off their image in the most vulnerable way.

“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers, you cannot be successful or happy.”

-Norman Vincent Peale-


New York City Naked Cowgirl


New York City Naked Cowboy


2 thoughts on “Crazy in New York City

  1. Hmmm…PD yaa, untung bodynya lumayan,msh menarik utk dilirik. Hehehe, kamu kepikiran lg motretnya. Aku serasa sdg baca majalah….fotomu baguuus….walo agak ekstrem tp jadi enggak menjijikan lht fotonya….keren!!!

    • Beberapa orang berusaha mencari mata pencaharian bisa macam2, ya Na. Thanks buat dukunganmu. Memang sukar melihat sesuatu dengan pemikiran yang bijak, tanpa harus mengolok2. Memang pusat perhatianku bukan keberadaan dua pelakon ini, tapi bagaimana mereka bekerja di tempat yang banyak pemerhatinya.

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