The Birds

One terribly winter day, after a snowstorm that dumped about two feet of snow, my daughter and I took a walk to a nearby store. We were passing some houses and on the roof of one particular house, birds were flocking in dozen. Ring-billed seagulls, starlings, and crows among each other. It was very interesting watching how the birds only chose that one house and not others, for a gathering place. There must be something really special about that roof.

PS: You might as well know about how I love birds by now, and with so many of them live around our home, I’ve got to know more about them. Because I think, birds are the most amazing animal.


Brown-neck Seagull

Twin Seagulls

The Three Starlings

The Flying Crow


2 thoughts on “The Birds

  1. ya ampuuuuun lucu2 ya…. hehehe bener, kepikiran juga, knp mrk pilih itu rumah yaaa..?

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