Abandoned Rose

One Sunday afternoon, my husband and I were at a subway station waiting for my old friend. He and I have been chatting and sending messages back and forth. He would visit New York and asked me to be his source of any interesting places he might see. Meeting an old friend is always an exciting thing for me, though it’s been 2o-something years that we haven’t seen each other. We used to belong in the same school choir in high school and I anticipated his arrival and waited patiently at the station. One by one the subway stopped and people got off and got on. For sometime there would be silent, then came the screeching of the subway, the scuffles of people going up or down the stairs, their chatters and buzzes, and in a swift, they’re gone, off to wherever their destination was. After a while and still no sign of my friend in sight, when another flock of people got off from a subway and a couple walked pass me. It looked like the guy found something behind the girl’s blouse. She laughed and pulled the thing that the guy had in his hand, a yellow rose. They were stepping up the stairs to reach another subway, and suddenly the girl put the rose on a step and they walked hand in hand. After that, more people walked pass the stairs. A lot of them didn’t even see the abandoned rose that was left on a dirty stairs at a subway station. Time has passed and we were still waiting. Another subway arrived and with it dozens of people went through the same stairs where a yellow rose was. A mother and her daughter passed it. The girl lifted the rose without any hesitation, and her mother knew right away to nod, so they could go as soon as possible to their destination.


Abandoned Rose

Abandoned Rose (2)


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