The Grandeur of Gillette Castle

My family and I visited Gillette Castle last November for the first time. This rock castle that looks like an old Scottish castle, is nestled in the southern part of hill rows called the Seven Sisters, in the town of East Haddam. Gillette Castle is one of the state park in our state, Connecticut, and was designed and owned by an actor, William Hooker Gillette. He was once famous for his role as Sherlock Holmes on stage and during the silent movie era. Gillette was very eccentric and also genius, who designed and invented some of the stage props and also helped the use of stage effects, like the sound of horses’ hoofs in many different situations. He was the real Sherlock Holmes, the one who started the icon of the brilliant detective wearing a deerstalker cap and smoked with a curved pipe. The Gillette Castle was built filled with William Gillette’s own designs and inventions. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to see the inside of the castle due to certain reason. But I heard that each door in the castle is different and Gillette himself designed them. The castle stands overlooking the beautiful scenery of Connecticut River, with some wooden areas that add another image to the castle’s grandeur. It’s simply spectacular to be on top of the valley and taken aback by the surrounding as the sun slowly set.













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  1. Nice one………..

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