The Sketch of Saint Lawrence Church

There’s an old church that stands near our house. Its aging red bricks are showing, but they don’t seem to decrease the church grandiosity, which the cornerstone was placed in 1903. The street where we live is where the town’s old buildings located, some that were built in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s. Sometimes when I walked by Saint Lawrence Church, I would stand for a while to look at its details. It’s always interesting to view a little closer at one structure that still looks strong and stand out, even though it’s been through more than a centennial of changes. One day at a laundromat across the church that I visit regularly, I thought I might as well use my time with drawing while waiting for my load to finish. I chose the old church as my object out of curiosity whether I could translate my perception of this historical building unto paper. This is it.


Saint Lawrence Church, West Haven, CT


3 thoughts on “The Sketch of Saint Lawrence Church

  1. I think it’s a decent sketch/drawing. I’d struggle with the staircases; I’m sure. A good effort and use of laundry time. I’d almost be inclined to challenge you to who can draw it the best if we sat there together:P Almost. I just get frustrated with architecture and turn to portrait/animal drawing or cartoons. But, I do like photographing some of those artistic buildings at unusual angles and in different color schemes.

    • I like taking pictures of artistic buildings too. Old buildings always fascinate me. It would be interesting to have a drawing session with people with similar interest.

      • Interesting? I think as long as no one fussed or became jealous of another, it might be a ton of fun. Personally, I worry I’d turn ugly and bitter sitting next to a better artist:P It reminds me of so many classroom moments. Being “upstaged”…I never thought I’d be the one to let it get to me. Math class…third grade…that’s when it started.

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