Phoebe, A Sketch of A Violinist

Phoebe is Phoebe Baron, one among the many talented violin teachers at the music school where my children go to. She led an annual event two Saturdays ago, called Fiddle Fest. My son was participating in the event, who was one of 3 young musicians who joined the senior and more established musicians. While waiting and enjoying the music, I took out my sketch book and began to look for an object to draw. Then I thought, Phoebe would be the perfect object. So I drew her, while she was conducting and playing her violin so actively. It was pretty smooth and quick process. I showed the sketch to her and others after I was done. I even asked her for an autograph as a stamp of approval. She said,”You made me skinny.”


Sketch of A Violinisit


2 thoughts on “Phoebe, A Sketch of A Violinist

  1. Next time coba dikasih shadow untuk sketchnya, deh, kakak Dian…Akan lebih ‘hidup’. 😉

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