When A Man Loves A Woman

When I was visiting the campus of University of Pennsylvania, I spotted a wedding couple who was there to get some shots for their wedding pictures. The bride was walking barefoot, apparently tiring from walking on her high heels. Her groom walked beside her while holding her shoes. I was touched by the scene. Such romantic moment like that may only seen once in a while. I always respect some men who don’t complain about the floral bedspreads or pink pillows. Or those who learn to write a poem no matter how hard, just because he has to show his sweetheart that he matters, that their relationship is special. I think each couple is unique. Each has its own special things that connect the couple in a way that they can last. I think it’s faith. The faith that no matter what, they can withstand any obstacles. It’s not just love. When you find someone who makes sense to you the most, your heart will accept him or her, and your soul is at ease. When you choose the one to live by your side for a very long time, you believe that you will thrive. The groom with his bride’s shoes is merely a symbol, of how that faith starts. The faith that will eventually get tried and tried again to strengthen it.

(For the man who learned to write a love poem for me, and made me special. Happy anniversary.)


Wedding Couple

2 thoughts on “When A Man Loves A Woman

  1. Ah, for me, the foundation of marriage is respect. I cannot love and have a faith in someone if I don’t respect him/her. For me, any relationship only could begin if we have mutual respect.

    • Thanks for your insight, Indres. I think in a relationship, we need plenty of certain things: faith, respect, honesty, tolerant, etc. Each of us probably has one thing that is the most important to have to start a relationship. I agree with you, without any respect, a marriage won’t last.

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