I Spy With My Eyes

We live in a regular neighborhood. There doesn’t seem something extraordinary about it. Some part is quieter than others and some is busier. One afternoon I took my son biking and that means, I would run with him or try to catch up. Realizing what a gorgeous afternoon it was, I brought my camera along. On the way to left and right, without certain destination, I looked for something in this regular neighborhood that I’ve come to love, that maybe has some special angles and curves. When I eventually saw several things, I remember a game book that my son and I used to read, called “I Spy”. I had that “aha, I found it” moment here and there. Have you played that game before?

I spy with my eyes:

  • canopies of pear blossoms,
  • some violets under the stairs,
  • a vine-tangled gate,
  • orange daffodils nodding with the wind,
  • an angel guarding pansies, and
  • a hidden nest under forsythia.


Pear Blossoms

Violets Under the Stairs

Vine-tangled Gate


Angel & Pansies

A Hidden Nest


4 thoughts on “I Spy With My Eyes

  1. Kereen.bagus banget ngambil photo2nya. Terima kasih yah sharing2nya

  2. Very beautiful photos.

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