When You Take A Girl to SOHO

When you take a girl to Soho, she would want to dress up. She said, New York is city with a style. There, she would want to explore  and she would be in awe. It’s cool, she said. I would ask her to pose, “Be my model”, I said. She gave me a look, smiled shyly and let me take her pictures. Then she stopped in front of a store asking me if she could go in. I could see something has inspired her. This girl who was excited to be in Soho, already had plan for another adventure. “Can we?” she asked me. Her eyes pleading and a big smile appeared. I could imagine her trying out some outfit and she would say,”When in New York, you have to go out in style”. I know she’ll pose for me again. She’ll let me keep the things I see about her that I love most, being my daughter.


A Girl in Soho

A Girl in Soho

A Girl in Soho

8 thoughts on “When You Take A Girl to SOHO

  1. Gayanya Audrey dan Emily berbeda tetapi saya suka keduanya memiliki karakter.

  2. Nice pictures you have there Mbak, especially the 1st one! Like it a lot!! 🙂

  3. hey Mba Dian…
    apa kabarnya?
    Sudah lama tidak kontak tahu tahu lihat foto anak anak sudah pada jadi gadis 🙂
    Jelang hari raya saya mau mengucapkan Selamat merayakan hari raya idul fitri ya. minal aidin wal faidzin.
    eid mubarak!


  4. alhamdulillaah kabarku baik baik juga, Mba Dian. thank you.
    Maaf baru direspon, baru sempat mampir lagi 🙂
    Selamat berakhir pekan!

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