Day 2 B&W: Waiting for Their Turn

One day at a carnival, some children and their parents were flocking for a horse ride. The children’s anticipations were showing on their faces. Their eyes widen, their mouth opened and they simply couldn’t wait. One boy was giggling when the horse and its handler approached him. He couldn’t believe what he saw, a real horse, a horse he could ride! While another child, a girl, was holding on to her dear life on her grandmother’s hand, with horror on her face. The girl’s grandmother soothed her and tried to calm her down. She led the girl to step up on the wooden stairs they used to get unto the horse. The girl cringed and hesitated. She pulled her body back, came to her grandmother again and hid. Sneaking up behind her grandmother, the girl with the blond hair, looking at the horse that patiently waiting. On the other part, a horse and its handler looked solemn. They were waiting quietly, no words or noise uttered. The girl squatted next to the horse, caressing its leg, preparing it for another ride. Their quietness showed a deep trust between two creatures.

A Girl with A Horse


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