Day 3 B&W: When Joy Ceased Early

In the center of Grove Street Cemetery in New Haven, an old headstone stands. The writings on the stone tells a story of an extinct joy. The joy that David and Elizabeth Whitman so proudly hailed on their beloved son, but ceased abruptly. The son who was their hopes to reach the stars and the moon, but no more. He might have been a diligent young man and  a man with wit. He might have been a carefree person, young and inspired. And yet, although centuries ago Isaiah was gone, but the sorrow that his parents endured is still visible. All were carved and linger forever on the stone.

“Just as his parents hail’d the day,
When joys should all their cares.
Just as his own fond hopes aspir’d,
To deeds by which bright minds are fir’d.
Death snatch’d him hence in youthful bloom,
And sunk those hopes beneath the tomb.”



2 thoughts on “Day 3 B&W: When Joy Ceased Early

  1. Nisannya bagus ya Mbak, ntar kalo mbak Di ke Stockholm, aku bakalan ajak ke tempat makam terluas di Swedia yang juga termasuk salah satu World Heritage tapi ya nisannya ga ada yang seunik ini hehehehhe 🙂

    • Nisan di masa tahun 1700 memang unik, Den, karena ada gambarnya di bagian atas. Beberapa ada puisinya dan yang pasti nisannya bisa berisi lengkap keterangan tentang yang meninggal dan yang ditinggalkan. Terima kasih tawaran jalan2nya.

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