The Evolution of Friendship

When I was in kindergarten, I was close to a classmate named Dita. We were two clueless girls, whose common things between us were playing during recess. I thought she was my first best friend. This I knew when my parents decided to move to the capital (Jakarta, Indonesia). There’s something hurt inside and it made me cry. How unbearable it was to loose a good friend! But I survived the broken heart and no soon after that, I became close to some girls at my new school, although no one would be my best friend. Then when I was at 3rd grade, we moved to the different part of the capital. At the new school, I met another new student. Her name was Ita. She was cute, petite and smart. We became good friends instantly. After school, I loved to go to her house that had a big front yard. We would play paper dolls under a tree, make up a story about them. It was very memorable to me. Ita and I ended up going to the same middle school, then high school and also the same university, make that the same faculty too. How weird is that? But, unfortunately, we had falling out and never shared anything anymore after middle school.

During my teenage years, friends were very important part of how I became. Two particularly, whom I’ve known since we were in middle school and become my best friend ever since till today. Back then, almost all we talked about were about boys, the latest popular songs and how we tried to cope with our parents’ demands. It seemed that we were made for each other. Our rebellion way was by coming home late from school. We didn’t hang out anywhere, but we sure loved to walk. Just walk about miles and miles until our feet were tired. We evolved so much after high school and I became more closer to one of my best friend, since we got into the same high school together. Yunita is the one whom I always say ‘hi’ now and then, talk to and share much of my desperation and happiness. In almost 30 years, my best friend and I always have each other to rely on. She can cry to me and I to her. It doesn’t matter that we can only contact one another via chat room, email, or phone call once in a while, we’ll survive.

Speaking about special friendship, there’s a unique story about one wonderful person. She and I met at my best friend’s party almost 30 years ago. We were instantly got close and we continued our friendship through letters. Nana became my pen pal. We would tell how we were doing at school, about things that bothered us or made us smile. With our letters, we sent some gifts. A simple and cheap souvenir to make the other happy. But then, life became hectic. We lost touch for years, although I still remember her vividly. We eventually got married and one day through Facebook, someone said ‘hi’ to me and asked me,”Are you Dian that I knew long ago?” There’s this wonderful feeling to have found my old friend again after such a long time. As if there’s never been those times and spaces between us, we filled out things that were missing so smoothly. We become best friends and started sending out letters again, and also gifts. Pages after pages of long letters that I wrote to her were her entertainment. Good friends are not easy to come by. One will come amidst many things that happen in our lives. Those who will remain and stay by our side are the ones who hold our heart.

(For Nana, get well soon, please)





8 thoughts on “The Evolution of Friendship

  1. Love, love liebchen…

  2. like this: “Good friends are not easy to come by. One will come amidst many things that happen in our lives. Those who will remain and stay by our side is the ones who hold our heart.”

  3. Makasih jd penyemangatku trs Dian dan yunita. Kalian anugrah dlm hidupku

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