One Cool Guy at Grand Central

I took my girls to New York last weekend for their spring break. When we just arrived at Grand Central Terminal and bought some baked goods, we saw a man passing us by. The man wore a red jacket, a skirt and red boots. He also had a very unique hair style, had lots of accessories on him and on his wardrobe. He was about between 60-70 years old. Having coming from a traditional and rather conservative upbringing, I know there’s an unwritten rule about people from certain age should act their age. But I don’t believe this man really cared about that rule. He walked with confidence, with his black canvas bag that had Union Jack, chains and metal spikes on it. It turned out that at the same moment, there were some people from photography club or some kind, who were having their photo hunting at Grand Central. Right away, the man with the red jacket became their point of interest and just like a professional celebrity, the man posing for the cameras ready for his red carpet moment. I couldn’t hear any of the small talk some people had with the man. I wished I knew. I wondered my self why he was wearing such an eccentric attribute. For what purpose? I think everyone’s curiosity was similar at that point. Meanwhile, we were really amused by the man. He reminded me that once in a lifetime, you’re allowed to go all out. Even though some may think you’re nuts or silly, there’s nothing beats the feeling of being one of a kind.

Cool Guy at Grand Central

Cool Guy at Grand Central

Cool Guy at Grand Central

4 thoughts on “One Cool Guy at Grand Central

  1. Nyentrik banget ya. Gw suka red boots sm tasnya. Kereenn!

  2. Nyentrik tp keren dan niat banget utk jd keren…….

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