For the Sake of Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech, is such a strong motivation and idea to instill to each of us. You can say whatever, write whatever or do whatever to express your self being free. Some expressing it through art (so they say). This form of art lately becomes a quite popular news because it happens in a public space and some says beginning to feel like a menace. I don’t know what anybody’s opinion about decency, but to claim being painted while half naked, or wearing only underpants, strutting here and there and accepting some “tips” from the passerby, is how freedom of speech works. It’s ridiculous. You know, in New York City, being topless is legal and the ladies who now exhibit their painted body in Times Square really knows well how to sell their artwork. When I saw this lady, a part of me admired her spunk, but another part of me couldn’t fathom the idea of showing off your body in a public space where everyone can see (even touch when this lady posing with some tourists) is a part of freedom of speech. With so many ways to express your self, why this? In the end, I think because this one is the most profitable way to do.

Notes: when I took these pictures, it was last October, I only saw one Desnudas or painted lady in Times Square. Now that it’s almost a year later, I read that the ladies are multiplying and becoming a handful.

Woman in Stars & Stripes

Woman in Stars & Stripes


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