QUEEN CONCERT: The Concert that Rocked Us

There are reasons why QUEEN is among the best rock bands in the world. When the group lost their lead singer, Freddie Mercury, perhaps a lot of people thought they wouldn’t be able to enjoy Queen concert anymore. I’m not a fan of them in particular, although I like some of their songs a lot. The chance of seeing Queen concert was somehow not in my bucket list. Growing up, I never had a chance to attend any concert from the world famous singers or groups that I love when I was younger. But I wished that someday I would see them. Then I got to see Kool & the Gang, Debbie Gibson and Taylor Dayne live in concert and I didn’t even have to buy tickets. They were among the performers for the summer concerts that were held in New Haven – a neighboring city where I live. I was ecstatic for sure! Because they are my favorites since middle school. Another singer that I saw live in concert was Belinda Carlisle. I found out about her concert accidentally when I knew about an event called Woodstock Fair. She was one of the highlight performers. I was over the moon being able to see her that I’ve never thought I would ever have.

My daughters are the ones who get me the “concert bug”. They love coming to concerts and I got to accompany my younger daughter to see One Direction concert before Zayn Malik and the group were separated and each member does solo. It was rather bittersweet for my daughter and one of memorable and historic event in her teenage years. After seeing 1D concert, I got the bug of wanting to see more concerts preferably from my favorite singers and band. One day I found out about Phil Collins concert in Brooklyn. Oh, how I wished I could see him live! My younger daughter insisted that we had to see him. She and I have similar music preference, maybe because I love playing my music to our kids and my younger daughter becomes a fan of Phil Collins too. We managed to get the tickets before they were sold out and we saw Phil Collins concert enthusiastically. After that, the concert bug got me looking for Toto concert – the band is my all time favorite. It was either luck or a blessing that Toto had one concert in our next door state. I got the tickets for the three of us, my younger daughter, son and me. They were just as ecstatic as me singing Toto’s songs especially Africa during the concert.

The audience were amped up.

I don’t know for certain when was the first time my son becomes a fan of Queen. When the biopic movie Bohemian Rhapsody came out we saw it together. I thought maybe because of that movie that he became interested of Queen. We watched the Academy Award and rooted for Rami Malek who played Freddie Mercury in the movie for an Oscar and he did win it. My son loves Queen so much that their songs becoming the anthems of his day-to-day activities. He’d do his homeworks while listening to Queen songs. He wakes up with “Don’t Stop Me Now”. He knows almost every song by heart. In a very short time, this 16 years old become one of Queen biggest fan. One day, my son found out about Queen concert with Adam Lambert as their lead singer. You can imagine his excitement asking to see the concert that just happened to be in Mansfield, Massachusetts, about 2 hours away from us. Of course, we said ‘yes’ especially this might be the only Queen concert that my son gets to see.

Seeing the concert of a lifetime.
The concert began.

We decided that the three of us would see the concert just like we attended Toto concert, my son, younger daughter and me. Many came to see Queen and Adam Lambert from all over. They were younger kids under 10 years old brought along by their parents and the older people who grew up loving Queen. Many wore t-shirts with Queen inspired images including my kids. They looked so proud to be able to see one of the biggest rock band in the world. Indeed, Queen rocked us to the core! Adam Lambert performed each of the songs awesomely without trying to copy Freddie Mercury. Like Lambert said, he isn’t Mercury and he performed to honor and pay respect to the master. The concert was spectacular! Bryan May was able to wow us with his electrifying guitar solos. Roger Taylor still could belted out some notes that moved people. We were astounding when the image of Freddie Mercury came up during the song Love of My Life. People cried and cheered. Freddie even lead us to do the calling that he usually did at their concerts. Eeeooo! Eeeeooo! People got so excited when they sang along with Freddie. It was surreal as if he was there with us, not his hologram.

It was a wonderful night for me and my kids. We sang along. We cried and cheered. What a joyful night that we could celebrate before my younger daughter began her college life far away from us. My son was amazed by the stage display and light show and was inspired by them specifically because he has worked as stage crew and sound engineer for several school plays and musicals. In the concert, Bryan May did a solo with him playing against the background of the galaxy. One by one things that representing the planets came up around May as if he was the sun. He performed on a special platform that made look like a big meteor and he ascended high and higher above the audience. It was a breathtaking performance! When Roger Taylor did a duet with Adam Lambert singing Under Pressure, people went crazy. For a man who is considered senior citizen, Taylor still thrilled us with his drum performance. Everybody was jumping and dancing. There’s no one in a bad mood that night. The atmosphere was exhilarating. Queen has successfully rocked us with their performance. For my kids, the concert was historical for it might be their only chance to see the legend. For me. it was among the highlights of my life last year.

Roger Taylor rocked us with his drum performance.
The light show was awesome.
Adam Lambert and Bryan May performed.
Adam Lambert and Bryan May on stage.
Queen and Adam Lambert rocked the audience.
The incomparable Bryan May.
The one and only Bryan May.
Standing ovation for the legends.
Bryan May raising his guitar to Freddie.

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