New Haven Murals

MURALS! What a wonderful way to beautify a city. At a corner of the street where a dingy looking convenient store one day, then another day the front wall of the store is covered with a mural. Suddenly the neighborhood looks different. Under the bridge where dust and grimes of the roads above and the street below mix, murals can be so pleasing to look at when passing by there. I’m always fascinated with murals. Whenever I travel and visit a certain place, I would try to find them, at least one. I’m sort of a mural hunter if I can call myself that. Murals, nowadays, are part of the community as a tool to send messages out, to inspire many and to memorialize ideas and dreams. These murals in particular are located at the farther part of New Haven, far from the busy downtown area and pretty secluded. New Haven is one of the largest cities in Connecticut, the state where I live in. Murals have been popping up around the Elm City, New Haven’s nickname. They are surely the way to adorn the city with art, promote local artists and make statements about the people of new Haven. The murals under this bridge are unique and quite wonderful in their own ways with the styles that I think can be depicted as graffiti, surrealism and expressionism. There are many murals that I’d love to share here with you next time. Until then, enjoy this post and thanks for stopping by.

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