I’m an artsy person. I try to interpret my life through works of art. I draw, take photographs, scrapbook, make greeting cards etc. I see no other way to show off my works, but through blogging. I started blogging in 2006, writing about my day-to-day activities as a mother of three and Indonesian living in United States. I enjoy blogging right away. Then I established my 2nd blog, consisting my projects of paper crafting. And yet, I still felt the urge to create just one more blog to express almost all of my interests. Therefore, EMAURIAN, HOW I LOVE THEE was born. Emaurian is the names of my three children mold into one: Emily, Audrey and Darian.

I do hope you’d enjoy this blog and please, leave a comment, if you’d like. Thank you for your appreciation and I’ll see you around.

Truly yours,



14 thoughts on “About

  1. dianne - life as i see it

    wonderful blog, enjoyed your images and posts.. 🙂

  2. Hi Dee 🙂

    A Dabawenyo housewife like me is having a wonderful time following you on your life’s journey. You’re blog is very inspiring too. 🙂


    • Thank you. How nice of you. What is Dabawenyo, anyway?

      • Dabawenyo came from the name of my city Davao City ( in our dialect “Dabaw City”), the place where i was born and grew up. So that makes me a Dabawenyo and I speak Dabawenyo dialect. furthermore, I came from the Philippines and generally called as Filipina and our national language is Filipino. My country is just small but separated into different islands, so that’s why we have different group of people, diverse culture and dialects. And Dabawenyo is just one of them. Can you believe that there is approximately 171 native languages spoken in my country? hehe.. 🙂

      • Actually, we’re neighbors. I’m from Indonesia, an archipelago country it self. Yes, of course i can imagine the many languages that you use in your country. Ours are in thousands of languages and dialects.

      • I’m glad that you can relate to what I said.. :).. but having thousands of dialects?!! :O …it’s amazing! .. I never thought that Indonesia is an archipelago too… Now I know 🙂

  3. Interesting, I used to live in Jakarta for a few months.Didn’t like the city very much (crazy traffic) but I love the people!

  4. Mba Dian, boleh minta email atau teleponnya? Mau ajak kerja sama nih perihal belajar scrapbook 🙂 Bisa dilihat juga di website kita sebagai gambarannya.

  5. Really love your blog, so inspiring and relaxing 🙂
    I wanna see your Emaurian, hehe may I?
    keep blogging, keep inspiring……

  6. Wonderful blog and really love your your photos….
    Salam hangat dari tanah air….

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