An Altered Calendar Project

Just because another year has gone, the old calendar is needed no more. Wait! Don’t just throw away this sometimes-cool calendar. Use it to your heart content. When I bought the calendar, I liked it because the illustrations by Ellen Eilers were so beautiful. I didn’t have a heart to throw it away, so I thought maybe I could reuse and turn it into something else. My project then was to turn the calendar into a scrapbook album. The album becoming a place where I can show off my photos during autumn in Connecticut. I printed almost all photos in 3,5 x 2,5 inches or wallet size. A view were printed in regular size, 4 x 6 inches. I colored the calendar pages with ink stamps, dabbing each with combination of colors depicting the colors on the photos. I love this project so much, that I bought a new calendar to create another scrapbook album, even though the new year just begins. Here’s how the album looks:














Altered Book: The Music Plays On

My children were invited to play in for a concert called the Baroque Play In at their music school last month. The concert coincidentally was also the birthday celebration of the conductor, my children’s teacher. During the concert that lasted more than 2 hours, I took a lot of pictures of musicians who participated. Looking at the pictures I immediately had inspiration to create a scrapbook using travel advertising book I received with my newspaper. This project was my second altered book project. First thing I did was wrapping the book cover with gift wrap. Then, I adhered some black papers on every book pages; drew and cut the flourishes; wrote the sentiments and decorated with stickers and other accents. I admit, every pictures seemed to fall into pieces just like that without any hesitance. I gave the altered book to the music teacher as a (belated) birthday present and she loves it.

(See my first altered book project here: ORIGAMI GARDEN. )


Altered Book Project

Altered Book: The Music Plays On p.1

ook: The Music Plays On p.2

Altered Book: The Music Plays On p. 3

Altered Book: The Music Plays On p. 4

Altered Book: The Music Plays On p. 5

Altered Book: The Music Plays On p. 6

Altered Book: The Music Plays On p. 7

Altered Book Cover

What Are Little Girls Made Of?

I bought some Champagne mangoes and they came in this red net basket, that I thought was cute. So I reused it for the background for my daughters’ photos to make a scrapbook. Then I used the candy wrappers and box to decorate it, to depict the “sugar and spice, and everything nice”. Also, I repurposed vintage buttons and a used pencil container that has a cute Bunny on it, to make all pinkalicious.

“What are little  girls made of?

What are little  girls made of?

Sugar and spice

And everything nice,

That’s what little girls are made of.”


Thank Heaven for Little Girls

Batik Inspired Scrapbook

I am a scrapbooker and my latest project involved Batik patterned-paper. A friend of mine introduced me to this beautiful paper through her blog. Batik is what make me proud to be an Indonesian. It is the national fabric and motifs, albeit any other so-called “Batik” from other country, Indonesian Batik is more diverse and beautiful. Batik is most common among Javanese ethnic. Back then, each region, social class in community, and the type of celebration has its own patterns. But now Batik becomes the fabric and motif that everybody can wear for official, celebratory or just-for-fun reason.

I received several Batik patterned-papers from my mother and a blogger friend a while ago. I kept them long enough, without having any specific idea what to create with them. An idea then came when I looked at a photo with my two girls during Indonesian Festival. I wanted to use the Batik patterned-paper as the background for my scrapbook. Beside, I wanted to appreciate my heritage and culture more, and to teach my girls about them. I incorporated the paper with gold colored-paper and some metal accents specifically. I used a gold wire that I twisted to frame the photo and a metal medallion (a present from an Indonesian friend), to establish the relation between Batik  with gold jewelry.

P.S. If you have any insightful comment, please don’t hesitate to share it with me. Thanks!
Batik Inspired Scrapbook

Batik Inspired Scrapbook/Wire Works

The First & Last Birthday Celebration

Perhaps everything that’s happened, happen for a reason. After nine years of only talking on the phone, at last my children could meet their grandparents. As soon as my parents arrived at the airport, my children embraced them like they’ve already known them despite the long distance.

Perhaps it’s the bond between grandparents and their grandchildren, they didn’t seem like strangers to each other. At last, there’s a celebration when my daughter’s birthday arrived. At last there’s a special eating out unlike any other. But that moment became the most precious, when we can’t repeat it again.

Four years have passed since that wonderful birthday celebration, my children’s beloved grandmother is no longer with us. But that certain moment that’s carved into our memory will linger, giving us something so precious to hold on to. Even when that moment meant the first and also the last birthday celebration with beloved grandmother

Chinese Tea House

My Two Girls

I think my girls are the surrogate of my three sisters. Having living far away from them, my girls become the voices and acts of my sisters. Sometimes I became more like older sisters to my girls and not their mom, especially when it includes music, style and fashion (or boys). I’m not trying to be a cool mom though, just a mom with deep understanding. My girls grow up so quickly and I don’t want to miss every single moment with them.

” As a mother, I must faithfully, patiently, lovingly, and happily do my part – then quietly wait for God to do His.”

Ruth Bell Graham

Scrapbook: My Two Girls

Origami Roses on Scrapbook

I Was Her Happiness

My mother told me, one day, about a story of sorrow. A story of losing hope, then to have another one granted. She told me about her first unborn child that she lost after an accident. My mother was sad, although not devastated. But she told me, she knew if she’s patient, she’d get another hope to replace one that was lost. Then came me. If a picture speaks a thousand words, then this picture of my mother cradling me was beyond those words. It showed me how my mother was so happy that she gave birth to me. How she got her wish and hope came true. How the bond between my mother and me was so strong from the beginning. To my mother, I was her happiness and she certainly was mine.

In memoriam, my beloved mama

Scrapbook: I was Her Happiness

Scrapbook: I was Her Happiness