A Rainbow in the Sky

I know it’s been a while. It’s not because I didn’t have anything to share, I have plenty. I wish I could blame the hour, how come it’s only 24 hours. But if a day even has 100 hours, at some point, all I could muster was a blank stare on the monitor. So, how about a picture? A picture can speak a thousand words, right? Here it is, I present to you a picture I took while I was on the road. A rainbow in the sky is not an extraordinary thing, but when there’s not even a drop of rain fell and there’s a rainbow, it’s a miracle!


“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud”.

                                                                           Maya Angelou


Dew on Nasturtium Leaf

One morning I found a dew drop on Nasturtium leaf in my garden. The dew wouldn’t budge, even when the wind blew. It stayed silently still and didn’t let go.

Dew on Nasturtium Leaf


Morning Song

THE grass is taller, greener,
And the birds more loud;
The flowers open freshly
To a sky of cloud.


And man awakens gladly
In a world that’s good,
And thrills to some new beauty
Not quite understood.


Though all the world is clouded
It’s a gray delight —
For spring is swelling, swelling,
And it rained last night.

                                                         -Lancaster Pollard-

My Fourth of July Garden

When I say “garden”, please don’t imagine it like any other beautiful garden. Although I would really love if it’s  as lovely as those English garden I saw on the magazines. But after living for years in an apartment building, I really missed digging into soil and planting something. I never consider my self as a gardener or a person who has a green thumb. I’ve had some indoor plants, but they always died in the end, although I cared for them just enough, or so I thought. I started collecting seeds and bought gardening magazines especially British. I was daydreaming of lush green lawn and rows of hollyhocks, poppies, roses, and daffodils.

Then on the 4th of July, I started clearing a patch of land in the backyard. I sowed some sunflower seeds and zinnia. After that I started planting and sowing in other parts of our yard. I planted the morning-glory seedling my friend gave me, sowing more morning-glory, lettuce and hollyhocks. I felt overjoyed and alive. I love the smell of freshly dug ground and wet grass after I watered the lawn. I enjoyed the moment when I saw new seedlings of sunflowers, morning-glory and hollyhocks on the ground. I literary squealed with delight. Then a challenge arose when hurricane Irene came. I was glad that even though the rain and strong wind laid down their worst, my garden was fine. Actually, my fourth of July garden has been thriving and blooming beautifully since then. I added planting nasturtium and cosmos too later on. Now after almost 3 months, I think I have proofed my self that I have somewhat of a green thumb.

(Just for some info, I took photo 1, 2, 3 with my camera phone and photo 4 and 5 with my Canon)


Green Sunflower

Bright Sunflowers

Nasturtium in the Garden


Pink Morning Glory