The Paper Butterflies

A couple of weeks ago in downtown New Haven, we saw lots of butterfly papers tied on some street posts. These colorful butterflies were scribbled and colored by children to inform people about the effect of global warming towards the butterflies. The population of Monarch butterflies is declining and it’s true that I hardly see butterflies anymore nowadays. It is heartbreaking. The paper butterflies are a reminder, that if we don’t change the way we act towards nature and environment, in the future all that’s left are those scribbled and colored butterflies. I think this was a wonderful idea to include children and using arts and crafts to promote the knowledge about the butterflies.

“Nobody can be in good health if he does not have fresh air, sunshine, and good water.”

-Flying Hawk, Ogala Sioux Chief –

Paper Butterflies

Paper Butterflies in Downtown New Haven

Butterflies in Downtown New Haven

Paper Butterflies

Paper Butterflies

A Colorful Daisy Mandala

I admit, I like impressing others through my art works. Although, not every time I would create something for someone, one admiration is more than enough when it’s coming from a very special person. The special person that will receive the handmade mandala that I made yesterday, is my children’s senior music teacher.  Grace was my oldest daughter’s ensemble teacher then, now is my son’s. We’ve been involved with many musical activities with her through the years. She plays violin, viola da gamba, recorder and also is a very excellent drawing artist. One day Grace approached me and said,”I heard from Sarah (my son’s recorder teacher) about your greeting card”. After that, I enjoyed making cards for her for Christmas or her birthday. She collects some of my sketches that I drew during her rehearsal with the ensemble class. I feel very related to her in a way artist sees other artist. For her upcoming birthday this weekend, there’ll be a musical party in the theme of Baroque Play-In, like last year. Young and old will involve and play together on Saturday, and we’ll have lots of fun.

At first, I was thinking of giving Grace another birthday card, but then I changed my mind. Because whenever I was in her studio, my mind became enticed by the many drawings, and interesting things that she put to decorate her studio. So I thought, perhaps she’d be happy to accept a handmade gift from me in a shape of mandala. I chose to create a mandala, because of the intricate design it has and the representation. Mandala basically means circle in Sanskrit. It’s the way we see universe as a whole out of the many shapes and patterns, also colors. Last night I started my project of making the mandala and before midnight, it was finished. I am ecstatic with the outcome and love all the details. I used several types of cardstock papers in different colors. To highlight and put some colors unto the mandala, I used gold-ink pen and ink stamp. This colorful daisy mandala will be kept in a shadow box and be ready for Grace’s birthday present.

To know more about MANDALA, visit this link.


Colorful Mandala (2)

Colorful Mandala (4)

Colorful Mandala (3)

Make Your Own Goddie Box

Got milk carton? Got big juice box? How about turning them into some goodie boxes. That’s what I did for my oldest daughter’s birthday. She wanted to bring some goodies to give to her close friends at school. Since I had several milk cartons and juice boxes, I thought why didn’t I just use them to my heart content. The process to make each one was easy-peasy. You can try this project for you summer vacation craft with your children, niece or nephew, grandchildren, or even you friends. Make sure you have special theme in mind that you’re going to implement into your boxes. Next time you have some gathering or afternoon tea party, how about giving your guests your handmade goodie box. Shall we create one, then?


  • used milk cartons/ juice boxes
  • Modge Podge glue or other type of white glue
  • patterned-paper (scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, magazine page, etc.)
  • wire, yarn or ribbon
  • decorations (sticker, paper flower, button, etc.)
  • hole punch

How to make:

  1. Cut the box measuring 1/2 way til the box separated.
  2. Measure the patterned-paper you want to use as the box.
  3. Adhere patterned-paper unto the box using Modge Podge or other glue.
  4. Make two holes with hole punch.
  5. Tie the wire, yarn or ribbon for the handle.
  6. Decorate the box as pretty as you like.

Two kinds of goodie bags

Milk carton goodie bags

Milk carton  goodie bags

Milk carton goodie bags

A Vintage Camera Card

It was a request from my daughter that for her birthday card, she wanted one that looked like a vintage camera. It is my doing apparently that got her hooked with vintage cameras. I gave her the real thing as a birthday present, a 1970 Revue 400L. Although it’s not working, she’s happy with it. Next time, she said she wanted the one that’s still works. Her card was made to resemble a book, that her father and I also her siblings could jot down our wishes. She brought it to school and her close friends wrote some sentiments for her too.


Vintage camera & vintage camera card

Vintage camera & birthday sentiment

Vintage camera-shaped card

Create Your Cute Candy Dispenser

When my daughter’s birthday was approaching, she asked me to make goodie bags to give to her closest friends. I prepared some goodie bags and also candy dispensers using used plastic water bottles. We use the small water bottles in our car anyway, so I’ve got plenty of the empty ones. For the decoration, again I profited from my stash of used things, this time envelopes from the bills we received. The patterns behind some envelopes are wonderful to match up with my other decorations. Here’s how I made these cute and pretty candy dispensers.


  • used plastic water bottles (small)
  • used envelopes
  • washi tape
  • ribbon
  • rubberstamp
  • ink stamp
  • decorative-edged scissors
  • scrap papers
  • glue
  • candies ( you can also fill the bottles with beads or flower seeds).


  1. Wash the bottles with dish soap and let them dry.
  2. Cut the envelope with decorative-edged scissors. The width is about 2 inches.
  3. Adhere the cut-up envelope unto the bottle, then wrap the middle part with the washi tape.
  4. Stamp the sentiment and the image on scrap papers. Adhere the stamped image unto the bottle.
  5. Wrap a ribbon unto the neck of the bottle and adhere the other stamped image, making it looks like a necklace.
  6. Fill the bottles with candies.

Pretty Water Bottle

Candy dispenser with used bottles

Candy Dispenser with Used Bottles

L’amour Cardboard Greeting

I love cardboard. So when I got some from the packages I received, I kept them around for later. This time I turn them into something romantic. I called them CARDBOARD GREETING, since they’re not your average greeting card. For your information, I’m also a paper artist and I love creating any kind of greeting cards. I began creating them since I was in middle school and even sold them too.During my college year, one time, while having midterm tests I was also busy making hundreds of greeting cards by hand.

These cardboard greetings were inspired by French theme.I always write the sentiments on my works my self, like the quote from Balzac that I wrote on the first cardboard greeting. It’s in French on the front, and its translation on the back. My other passion is to learn languages, that’s why I used the original quote in French on my works. What special about these cardboard greetings is you can hang them on the wall or message board. So the intended recipient can see, acknowledge or show it off. Tell me what you think about them!

“L’amour est la seule passion qui ne souffre ni passe mo avenir”

Love is the only passion that cares not about the past or the future



L'amour est la passion, cardboard greeting

Romantic cardboard greeting

L'amour est la seule passion art

L'amour cardboard greeting

L'amour cardboard greeting


Sweeten Up With Sweet Wrappers

Have you paid attention more to a chocolate or candy wrapper? Believe it or not, there are a handful of pretty, cute and awesome wrappers out there. For those special wrappers, trash bin is not their last journey. They ended up instead on my greeting cards. Since I love creating greeting cards  for fun, giving it away or selling as a custom-made, I would love to use any kind of paper materials for the decorations. Some of the cards I’ve created were decorated with pretty things I got from chocolate or candy wrappers. Some of that cards are here for you to see. Pay attention to the details on my cards, maybe you’ll realize from which chocolate or candy wrapper the decorations came from.

1. GET WELL SOON TEDDY – I used a picture from  a tissue box, the teddy, for main decoration and butterfly punches from Wrigley’s bubble gum box for the accents.


Get Well Soon Teddy

2. BABY CONGRATS – I used a snack wrapper from Japan that has a cute chick on it for an accent.


Baby Congrats

3. BELATED BIRTHDAY WISH – I used a plastic inside wrapper from a chocolate for the background.


Belated Birthday Wish

4. FRIENDSHIP CARD – I used a chocolate wrapper that has two cute kitties and artsy feature for the main attraction on my card.


Friendship Card