The Little Adorable Shop on Boston Post Road

Hi all! It’s been a while. I wish you’re all well. I’ve been meaning to keep up writing a journal here, nevertheless, so many things happened and I got caught up with them. I was very ill for more than 2 months, started with the worst kind of flu that turned into a complication of pneumonia. I’m recuperating now, although having been very ill meant that my body is still not up to 100% yet. I’d like to start by sharing this cute shop that I happened to come by on the way to Hammonasset Beach in Madison, Connecticut, last summer. Hammonasset Beach is a state park with the largest shoreline park of over 2 miles of beach on Long Island Sound. The beach is beautiful and now that the weather feels like it’s summer already, is going to be a perfect destination on the weekend.

The shop is called THE LITTLE STATION SHOP, which is also an office for the Beach Tree Cottages. It is a brilliant idea to set up the shop because anyone who wants to rent a cottage will go by the shop and see what they offer. At that time, my family and I were on the way to the beach and saw that the store offered some lemonade, our favorite. It’s a soft frozen lemonade called Del’s. If you see one of the cart or shop that sells this brand, you should try some. It’s good. So after we spent our relaxing time on the beach, on the way returning home, we stopped by to have some lemonade and browsed the shop a bit.

The shop is a re-purposed garage basically. There’s a metal sculpture horse standing in front of the shop. The artist who created was the cottage owner, that’s what I thought from the sign on the horse. The shop displayed their merchandises onĀ  vintage shelves and all around were vintage toys decorating a small yard next to the shop. There was a seating area for the guests and we enjoyed our lemonade there. The Little Station Shop offered cute and wonderful stationary, beautiful jewelries, artisan soaps, etc. I was only browsing the merchandise and admiring them. The thing that I love the most was the shop and decorations. It is cute, with adorable set up. Some fabric buntings adorned the the tree and the shop. The surrounding was pretty peaceful and with the invitation to go to the beach close by, it’s a perfect little shop indeed.










Create Your Cute Candy Dispenser

When my daughter’s birthday was approaching, she asked me to make goodie bags to give to her closest friends. I prepared some goodie bags and also candy dispensers using used plastic water bottles. We use the small water bottles in our car anyway, so I’ve got plenty of the empty ones. For the decoration, again I profited from my stash of used things, this time envelopes from the bills we received. The patterns behind some envelopes are wonderful to match up with my other decorations. Here’s how I made these cute and pretty candy dispensers.


  • used plastic water bottles (small)
  • used envelopes
  • washi tape
  • ribbon
  • rubberstamp
  • ink stamp
  • decorative-edged scissors
  • scrap papers
  • glue
  • candies ( you can also fill the bottles with beads or flower seeds).


  1. Wash the bottles with dish soap and let them dry.
  2. Cut the envelope with decorative-edged scissors. The width is about 2 inches.
  3. Adhere the cut-up envelope unto the bottle, then wrap the middle part with the washi tape.
  4. Stamp the sentiment and the image on scrap papers. Adhere the stamped image unto the bottle.
  5. Wrap a ribbon unto the neck of the bottle and adhere the other stamped image, making it looks like a necklace.
  6. Fill the bottles with candies.

Pretty Water Bottle

Candy dispenser with used bottles

Candy Dispenser with Used Bottles