Fall Around Yale Campus

FALL, the most invigorating season in New England. The season of gorgeous color combinations that can make anyone swoon and head over heel. The season of apple harvest, pumpkin galore, beautiful foliage and the crisp air. Fall in New England is extravagant and exuberant. I wouldn’t want to miss one fine day in the fall so to feel its beauty. I would wait for the blue sky and sunshine to go out and take my camera with me. But sometimes I didn’t get the chance to do that and rely mostly on my camera phone. Usually this happened when I was out and about in downtown or around Yale University campus. I pass by the campus many times at least once a week. I love going about there between the stone buildings and admire the season as it develops. I love the arrogancy of fall, of its splendor that entices my soul and  makes me exclaim in delight, “Wow!”












“It was the way the autumn day looked into the high windows as it waned; the way the red light, breaking at the close from under a low sombre sky, reached out in a long shaft and played over old wainscots, old tapestry, old gold, old colour”.

– Henry James –


The World According to Autumn

Autumn loves vibrant colors. She enjoys wearing her crimson red, golden yellow, orange galore, and not so subtle-brown leaves. Autumn loves to show off among the trees. She enjoys the calm stroke of the breeze in the morning and the light cold rain in the afternoon. Sometimes, she bathes in the warmth of the sun and lingers leisurely under the blue sky. Autumn is boastful. She’s the prettiest among the the seasons, and autumn surely knows. She makes sure people would stop and gaze her amazingly. And when autumn moves, she’s letting go the burdens that she carries for the world. Then the leaves would fall, fall, fall, back to earth where they belong.

Autumn Leaf

Autumn Leaf

Autumn Leaf

Autumn Leaf

Autumn Leaves